Would you like to

  • Organise a competition with an award?
  • Make a call for projects to distribute funds?
  • Identify the right initiative with the right partners for your parcel of land?
  • Or launch a campaign to recruit volunteers to collect data or to clean up an ecologically sensitive area?

We offer

SustainLux offers a host of functions that you can easily and flexibly configure for our purpose.
  • Your call or campaign will be advertised on the home page of SustainLux through out the entire duration.
  • Proposals by participants can be submitted via the platform: You can adapt templates for project descriptions to your questions.
  • The web-platform structures an effective workflow for the evaluation process: Members of an evaluation committee or jury can be invited to create a special login with rights to access all submissions and use an evaluation template that you can adapt to your criteria and weights. All submissions and evaluations can easily be downloaded by all with appropriate user rights for committee meetings, and stored for future reference.  
  • Communication and Dissemination: Promising projects, initiatives and ideas can be published on SustainLux with just one click. Additional website for initiatives can easily be created (at a small incremental additional cost). A Poster function to print A1 Posters for exhibitions for public award ceremonies will be developed.
  • Storage, access and future learning: All results submissions, evaluations and results of the call can be archived and made publicly accessible for analysis and learning by future applicants and beyond.

If this offer is appealing to you – please submit a one page description of your call or campaign here (Purpose, target audience, sources of funding or ownership of property – if applicable). The Steering Committee of SustainLux will consider the fit of the purpose and approach and get back to you within a reasonable delay. Regenerative initiatives targeting improved ecosystemic and human health will be considered at least as important as sustainability initiatives that ‘just’ aim to reduce harmful impacts.

Most importantly – by using the SustainLux platform to organize your call you will effectively promote climate resilient development in Luxembourg: If we as a society want to learn fast enough to develop and implement initiatives for a climate resilient culture, we need to take advantage of the open access and sharing possibilities that our networked knowledge society makes possible