The quality assurance process is possible thanks to review process that involves the close collaboration of ten partner organisations.

This page provides information on:
  • the review process before publication of entries
  • the possibility of public review by providing comments to authors of initiatives
Review by partner organisations for quality assurance before publication:

Once an article is submitted for publication, the editors of our partner organizations who are also represented in the Steering Group (schools, civil society, firms, municipality or research organization – see Figure 1 below) is notified immediately. The kind of organisation that is notified depends on the ‘organisational origin of the initiative’ that zou selected for zour entry. In most cases, the editor will publish the article immediately and the author is notified.
However, if the editor decides that more information is required, or perhaps that the article’s claims of benefits are not founded, he can either directly provide feedback to the author, or send the article to a colleague with appropriate expertise for review, who then provides feedback to the author. Once the feedback is addressed by the author, the editor is notified and can then decide on publication of the article.

The decentralised organisation promises a suitable basis for professional quality control of diverse sets of articles and the possibility to solicit and interconnect entries from diverse sectors. Your article is reviewed by experts with relevant ‘know-how’ from within your sector, the chosen experts are, however, open to radical innovation as they are concerned with sustainability transformations and social innovation. Quality criteria for review are developed by our partner organisations from within your sector. All nine partner organisations coordinate on quality criteria and issues encountered in the review process during steering group meetings.

Figure 1. Structure and operation

Quality assurance after publication – extended peer review

Similar to Wikipedia, the platform offers the possibility for readers to provide comments to authors of the initiative. These comments are then sent to the person who entered the action, and to the editor of the sector.  These comments are however not publicly visible.

Commenting articles as you read: Any user, regardless of the sector they are active in, can get in touch with the person who developed the action via the platform. Comments may include suggestions on other relevant projects or potential partners or funds, as well as critical feedback or watch-outs – anything that seems relevant and helpful to the person developing the action. All comments are also viewable by the editor.